Maiden voyage of the Vertigo Jersey Skiff.  I set it up in my shop and only had to make a minor trim tab adjustment at the lake. There were strong winds blowing 10-15 mph, gusts up to 25-30 mph and white caps on one end of the lake.  As you will see in the video the boat stayed on the water and carved it's way through the turns without missing a beat.  45 second clip.
Maiden voyage of my twin engine Rigger that I custom built.  Powered by two new MRD Racing Performance Engines  built by Dave Miller.  These are the latest version of his engines.  All I can say is "WOW"After I broke them in I started shortening the pipes and the rigger was going faster with every adjustment.  I only got to run 3 1/2 bags of fuel through them before my day of testing was cut short from a steering linkage failure.  My final run for the day was 78.8 mph and I still need to shorten the pipes more plus the carb settings are still rich.  I don't see any problem going over 80 mph.
 VenomCC Racing
VenomCC Twin Rigger
First Place

VenomCC Twin Gas Rigger takes First Place at the 2011 VooDoo Gas World Championships.  After five rounds of racing I ended up in a tie for First Place and had to run a sixth time.  In the run off the VenomCC Twin Rigger powered by MRD Performance Racing Engines gets a good start and pulls away for the win. 
Video by Tim Martin