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Welcome to the home of the FM1 True Sport hydro.  We put a lot of thought into its design to accommodate the high horsepower engines and faster speeds to compete in todays racing.  This is a clam shell joined deck and hull which eliminates lift from the lip of the shoe box style joints plus the aero and hydro dynamics of this hull will keep it on the water in wind conditions that will have the competition blowing off the water.

 We also wanted the FM1 True Sport to look like a true 5 liter sport hydro by giving you the option to keep the exhaust concealed under the rear canopy or allow the pipe stinger to exit through the canopy while keeping most of the pipe hidden. 

Just like our Jersey Skiff the FM1 True Sport hydro will have all composite cross members, engine rails and transom.  No wood to rot!  We use only the highest quality Gelcoats and Vinyl Ester Resin on the market when laying up our hulls. 

I am taking $200.00 deposits on orders and the balance due before hull is shipped.

Give me a call and order yours today!!



Shipping not included in price of hull
Here is a video of the FM1 True Sport competing in its first race at the 2012 Fall Nats.  Being pressed for time Dave and I put in a 36 hour day to get this hydro joined together and rigged giving us only a couple of hours to get to the lake for testing.  With only 5-6 test runs, a couple of prop changes and a turn fin change it was running in the mid 70's.  Running out of test time we headed back home to get some rest before we had to pack the trailer and leave for the race.

The FM1 True Sport didn't  hit the water until the first round of racing.  Dave decided to prop back and take it easy the first heat until he got a better feel of how the new hydro was going to handle racing with 6 other hydro's.  After a 3rd place finish the first round we made a minor strut adjustment and threw it out there for round two.  After a 3rd place finish in round two we made a turn fin adjustment.  After three rounds of racing he was getting comfortable with the way it was performing and got 1st place in the forth round.

Dave pulled off a 4th place for the weekend out of 23 boats with his new FM1 True Sport.  Not to shabby for its first race!
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FM1 True Sport 
Wins 2013 Winter Nationals

 Joe Rivard wheeled his new FM1 True Sport hydro to a 1st place finish racing against 23 other competitors.  As always at this event the competition was ferce and the weather was challenging with high winds and really rough water.

Thanks Joe for putting the FM1 True Sport in the winners circle.
We are glad to have you on our team!!!
 FM1 True Sport Wins Again!!!!! 

I am very happy to say that the FM1 True Sport Hydro took 1st, 3rd and 4th Place in Open Sport Hydro at the Gulf Coast World Championships. A special thank you to Joe Calogero (3rd) and Dave Miller (4th) for working with me on the set-up for the last couple of months. I also want to thank Joe Rivard for his 1st Place finish at the 2013 Winter Nats.

Another Big Thank You to MRD Racing Performance Engines built by Dave Miller for the awesome motors that powered all 4 of these hydros to the winners circle.
FM1 True Sport